DV8 leverages a variety of IoT technologies, frameworks & platforms to provide comprehensive IT services & solutions, which help our clients drive business value and innovation. We lead innovation through the design, development and integration of bespoke IoT solutions that solve your business needs.


DV8 defines an optimal IoT landscape for your organization to initiate its IoT journey. A structured approach is taken to understand your business needs, offering an expedited time frame to discover your IoT needs & solutions, accelerating your time to market with minimal risk. We identify business ‘pain-points’, industry insights & benchmarks, which will create an IoT roadmap in line with defined business outcomes and a structure POC plan, technology and platform roadmap.

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An efficient IoT system requires a properly managed service in each layer of the IoT ecosystem. IoT managed services allow businesses to utilize a proactive approach towards operations and
Maintenance, enabling a business to predict machine downtime in advance to avoid sudden breakdown and failures.

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DV8 has developed several domain-specific solutions that have facilitated our clients across various industries such as Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, BFSI, Home Automation, etc. to leverage potential benefits of IoT technologies and M2M communication utilizing internet protocol.

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